This is a full list of cards I've done, linked back to Gatherer.

After receiving a bunch of requests for art that's either sold or digital, I've also added the current status of the art. 

If there's no comment next to the art, I probably haven't sold it, but may also have some finishing touches to add, need to sign and put a final varnish on it, or just haven't settled on a price yet. I'm slowly working this stuff out as time allows. If you have a particular interest in one of these pieces, feel free to get in touch and ask about it.

There are a few tokens and promos added into the list as well.


  1. Air servant  SOLD
  2. Artful Maneuver  SOLD
  3. Aura Gnarlid  SOLD
  4. Bane of Progress  Not for Sale
  5. Bazaar Krovod  On Hold
  6. Bloodrage Brawler
  7. Bloodscale Prowler  SOLD
  8. Call of the Herd (Promo)  SOLD
  9. Champion’s Drake  Not for Sale
  10. Charnelhoard Wurm  SOLD
  11. Commune with Nature  SOLD
  12. Doomed Traveler    
  13. Dormant Sliver  SOLD
  14. Dragon-Scarred Bear  SOLD
  15. Dreadship Reef  SOLD
  16. Dregscape Zombie  SOLD
  17. Elephant Token  SOLD
  18. Engineered Explosives  SOLD
  19. Enraged Ceratok
  20. Extraplanar Lens  Digital (no original)
  21. Forest (Throne of Eldraine)  SOLD
  22. Frost Raptor  SOLD
  23. Frostwalla 
  24. Gale Force  SOLD
  25. Ghostly Prison  Digital (no original)
  26. Ghoulcaller's Bell  SOLD
  27. Giant Badger  SOLD
  28. Glimmervoid  Digital (no original)
  29. Glimmervoid Basin (Planechase)  Digital (no original)
  30. Gloom hunter    Digital (no original finish)
  31. Glowspore Shaman  SOLD
  32. Goblin Balloon Brigade  Digital (no original)
  33. Gorgon Flail  SOLD
  34. Gristleback  SOLD
  35. Graf Mole  SOLD
  36. Grixis Charm  SOLD
  37. Grizzled Leotau  SOLD
  38. Harrow  SOLD
  39. Hollowhenge Spirit  Not for sale
  40. Howl of the Night Pack  SOLD
  41. Hunt the Weak  SOLD
  42. Imperiosaur  SOLD
  43. Kird Champion
  44. Konda's Hatamoto  Digital (no original)
  45. Korozda Monitor  SOLD
  46. Lathnu Hellion  SOLD
  47. Leechridden Swamp  SOLD
  48. Looming Altisaur  SOLD
  49. Mage Slayer  SOLD
  50. Mammoth Spider
  51. Marrow Chomper  SOLD
  52. Melancholy  SOLD
  53. Messenger Jays  SOLD
  54. Might of Old Krosa  SOLD
  55. Mindeye Drake  SOLD
  56. Mischievous Quanar  SOLD
  57. Mogis' Chosen  SOLD
  58. Monstrify  SOLD
  59. Mortician Beetle  SOLD
  60. Offalsnout  SOLD
  61. Ominous Sphinx  SOLD
  62. Oran-Rief Recluse  Digital (no original)
  63. Plains (Shadowmoor)  SOLD
  64. Plains (Amonkhet:Hour of Devastation)  SOLD
  65. Pyreheart Wolf  SOLD
  66. Rampaging Brontodon  SOLD
  67. Read the Bones  SOLD
  68. Remodel  Digital (no original)
  69. Salvager of Secrets  SOLD
  70. Sandstone Warrior  Digital (no original)
  71. Sanity Grinding  SOLD
  72. Seachrome Coast  SOLD
  73. Snake Token (Khans of Tarkir)  SOLD
  74. Somnomancer  Digital (no original)
  75. Song of the Dryads  Not for Sale at this time
  76. Spider Token (Modern Masters)  Digital (no original)
  77. Sporecap spider  SOLD
  78. Squall Line  SOLD
  79. Stoneshock Giant
  80. Sun-Crested Pterodon
  81. Surge Node  SOLD
  82. Swamp (New Phyrexia)  SOLD
  83. Swamp (New Phyrexia - Vault of Whispers)  SOLD
  84. Swamp panorama (Scars of Mirrodin) 1  SOLD
  85. Swamp panorama (Scars of Mirrodin) 2  SOLD
  86. Swamp panorama (Scars of Mirrodin) 3  SOLD
  87. Swamp panorama (Scars of Mirrodin) 4  SOLD
  88. Swamp panorama (Mirrodin Besieged) 1  SOLD
  89. Swamp panorama (Mirrodin Besieged) 2  SOLD
  90. Swamp (Shadowmoor)  SOLD
  91. Sylvan Caryatid BUY A BOX PROMO (Same text as this, but my art)  SOLD
  92. Terastodon  SOLD
  93. Territorial Hammerskull
  94. Thunderherd Migration
  95. Tormod's Crypt  SOLD
  96. Towering Indrik
  97. Toxin Sliver  Not for sale
  98. Toy Boat  Digital (no original)
  99. Trapjaw Kelpie  SOLD
  100. Trumpeting Herd  SOLD
  101. Tundra (Vintage Masters)  SOLD
  102. Trash for Treasure  Digital (no original)
  103. Vault Skirge (promo)  SOLD
  104. Vedalkin Engineer  Digital (no original)
  105. Vein Drinker  SOLD
  106. Vexing Sphinx  SOLD
  107. Viral Drake  SOLD
  108. War Horn  SOLD
  109. Wild Pair  SOLD
  110. Wildwood Geist  SOLD
  111. Wings of the Guard  SOLD
  112. Wolf token (Shadowmoor)  SOLD
  113. Wolf token (War of the Spark)
  114. Wolf/Human token (Innistrad)  Not for sale
  115. Wolf's Quarry
  116. Woodland Cemetery  SOLD
  117. Zoetic Cavern  Digital (no original)